founders of Netalux


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More than a nice technology

Meer dan een leuke technologie

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Netalux wants to make a difference as a contractor by truly being part of your value chain and working together to find the best possible solutions to your challenges. That means we start with a couple of simple elements in our DNA. The most important one is: we say what we do and we do what we say. Transparancy is key to us. 

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Joy for life!

Founders Emmanuel & Pieter founded Netalux with a strong vision on HR & company culture. At Netalux, we're convinced that people perform better if they can do it with passion and conviction! We strive to reach this feeling every single day!

Netalux health and safety

Health & Safety

Safety is paramount at Netalux. We strive towards a human- and environmentally friendly company where people can work safely. Doing so, we support our customers' goals as well. 

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As companies, we have an undeniable impact on our society and that's an important responibility. Our lasers don't add any secondary waste to the process and we monitor the processing and recycling of the contaminants we remove. 

Company Culture

At Netalux we find it very important that we can work with passion and conviction, every single day. As founders, Emmanuel & Pieter are convinced they have the unique opportunity to make a difference with their company. Acknowledging a company is first and foremost a group of people working together, we at Netalux choose passion, empathy and most importantly respect as our beating heart. Towards our customers, but towards our colleagues as well. It’s more than a good punch line, it’s part of our culture. 

"We started with a white canvas, which creates possibilities." - Emmanuel Flaam, managing partner`

It’s a never-ending process that demands the necessary care and attention. To avoid falling back into old habits, everybody needs to show a great amount of discipline and willpower to change. Take some time off to exercise, go for a walking-meeting or discuss a new strategy over a game of pool. 

“Everyone is unique. At Netalux we want to combine all of these individuals to a harmonious group and allow each and everyone to develop further by giving them the necessary space.”  - Pieter Cretskens, managing partner

It certainly is a philosophy which is good for our customers as well. Our people are enhousiastic and driven, it’s thanks to this mindset that they love to work with us again and again!