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State of the art service company

Een contractor ten dienste van uw bedrijf

A contractor at your service

On site services

Most of our assignments require us to intervene on site because the component can't be moved or an in situ cleaning has additional advantages. Netalux is fully equipped to do so, and our easy setup allows us to work with a minimal impact for adjacent operations and their personnel. Most of the time we only need basic facilities like power and a safety zone.

Netalux van
Netalux safety screen

Off site services

Components can just as well be sent to us to be cleaned at our workshops. It allows you to send us the pieces and have them sent back when cleaned. 

surface preparation for NDT by laser


Netalux is the ideal partner when you're looking for a surface preparation before non-destructive testing of welding, wall thickness, etc. Laser cleaning is a non-abrasive technique adding no secondary waste for a clean result.  

composites mold cleaned with laser


Our company has accumulated a lot of experience cleaning components used in the production of (advanced) composites. 

decontamination lead


As pioneer in its field, Netalux is changing the industry of nuclear decontamination with success. 

CALL: Do contact us if you are active in the nuclear industry. 

two men removing hazardous materials by laser


Using our expertise from the nuclear sector, Netalux has specialized in the removal of paint containing toxic components. We're able to remove this paint safely without contaminating the environment.