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Our experience at your service

Netalux was originally founded as a pure service oriented company, one of the only companies in Europe and actually the whole world that only offered the service of laser cleaning.

"By focusing on laser cleaning from the very beginning, we have gathered invaluable knowledge about the technology and its applications."

Since then, we have done a variety of tests and projects in various sectors, and in various circumstances, some slightly more difficult than the others. To give you an example, we have done laser cleaning jobs on a bridge across a river, in a tunnel, in a tank, on a nuclear site, while lying down, while squatting, ...

Literally nothing is too crazy for Netalux.

This is therefore one of our mottos: however impossible the assignment may seem, Netalux likes a challenge, and is happy to work out the best solution together with the customer!

In other words, Netalux is a company in which you can trust. We do what we say, and we say what we do!


weld cleaning with a laser
removing product residue on inox
cleaning of turbine blades with laser


cleaning of a light layer of rust
ampco alloy with high piece value
cleaning the insides of a tank with laser
cleaning of metal plates with laser

What can we do for you?

Netalux has experience with various applications of laser cleaning. We can help you with:

- the cleaning of welds for NDT

- the cleaning of moulds

- the removal of a light layer of rust

- the removal of toxic contaminants

- surface preparation for (re)coating

- the cleaning of tanks

- the cleaning of various production machines

- the cleaning of turbine parts

- ...

Would you prefer to clean with your own laser cleaning machine? Take a look at our machines on the 'Product' page!


Curious about a practical application? Take a look here at how Netalux cleaned a tank in the petrochemical industry.


Do you have any questions? Click here for the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Netalux has special experience in the following domains:

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Toxic contaminants

Toxic contaminants

Netalux has developed a methodology to safely remove toxic contaminants such as coatings containing lead or chrome, asbestos, ... and this without damaging the environment. 

Nuclear decontamination

Nuclear decontamination

Netalux is proud to be a leader in developing a technique to decontaminate with laser cleaning. Our successful tests in Chernobyl are a promising step in the right direction!

Operationally complex projects

As already mentioned before, Netalux has plenty of experience with complex projects. We aren't afraid of a challenge, on the contrary, it drives us!



At your site, or at ours!

Most of our assignments require us to intervene on site because the component can't be moved. Netalux is fully equipped to do so, and our easy setup allows us to work with a minimal impact on adjacent operations and their personnel. Most of the time we only need basic facilities like power and a safety zone of minimum 5 metres.

However, components can just as well be sent to us to be cleaned at our workshop. We will then clean and sent them back as soon as possible.

Basic principles of Netalux services

  • Working in a safe way

  • Working in a neat way

  • Working together with the client

  • Attention for man and environment

  • Solution driven approach