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The next generation of laser cleaning machines, for sale and for rent!

Based on its user experience, Netalux develops laser cleaning machines that work with you.

The user is central to us, increasing the productivity and the user friendliness is therefore the basis for the innovative feautures on our machines.

Our motto is clear: we make machines built for users, developed by users!

Needle® is available in mobile and stationary version.

We named our machine "Needle" because it is a laser with a Gaussian profile and a sharper pulse, hence the comparison with a needle.

Needle is available in 50, 100, 200 and 300 Watt, depending on the version.

The mobile version of Needle® has already won the Red Dot Design Award 2020, Industrial Design

The Red Dot logo is internationally known as a symbol of quality for good design, and is the perfect way for companies to distinguish their product.

We are extremely proud that our mission to make user friendly machines is acknowledged by this award.

Discover the innovative features of our machines below!


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Inspired by people. Designed for the future.

Our machines bring with them a number of world firsts in terms of productivity and user friendliness, which are explained below. Thanks to our experience as a service provider, we know all too well where adjustments are needed to make laser cleaning as efficient and easy as possible. These machines are built for users, by users!


Our compact, award-winning Needle is a mobile, air-cooled laser cleaning machine with a Gaussian pulse. This means that this laser can best be compared to a "needle" and can therefore work more finely, and somewhat more aggressively.

A typical application for this machine is, for example, the cleaning of weld seams.

Available in 50 and 100 watt.

You can now also rent our Needle 100!

Rental prices for our Needle 100:

€500,- per day

€2.250,- per week

€5.275,- per month


The big boy in the group is this Jango with a Top Hat pulse. A water-cooled, mobile system which is fully equipped for the most challenging environments. The 50m long fiber can be fully stored in the housing, and there is room for some extra storage as well.

A typical application for this machine is the cleaning of tanks after high pressure water cleaning.

Available in 500 and 1000 Watt.

You can now also rent our Jango 1000!

Rental prices for our Jango 1000:
€1.200,- per day
€5.400,- per week
€17.500,- per month


Our systems can also be integrated in an automated setup and this for both the air-cooled Needle and the water-cooled Jango. Our software was developed so that the system communicates over MODBUS/TCP or IO protocols.

This system is used, for example, in production lines for selective coating removal.

Available in 50, 100, 150, 200, 300 Watt & 500 and 1000 Watt.

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Product range

NX1 rotatable laser head

Ergonomic game changer

Our team of experts has continously taken ergonomics into account when designing this machine. Laser cleaning can be physically challenging in certain circumstances, that's why Netalux has developed a few innovations to make the job easier.

First, we developed a rotatable laser head, which can be rotated 115°. This allows you to laser under a different angle than 90°, which makes the job easier, especially when you're cleaning vertically or above your head. With this innovation, you don't have to take on an uncomfortable position anymore, but can just change the position of the laser head.

Furthermore, the 360° adjustable second handle will make sure that you can hold the handset in a way that feels most comfortable for you. The weight of the handset is hereby also distributed efficiently, a big advantage when you have to laser for longer periods of time.

From experience we also know how important it is to clearly see what you are doing. The integrated LED headlight conveniently solves that problem, without needing any extra equipment!

Laser cleaning like never before

Besides the ergonomic second handle, the rotatable laser head and the LED headlight, we have also integrated a few other innovative features on the handset.

Netalux developed a unique system with which you can simply push a button to change the lens. Sometimes you need to use a different lens to bundle energy for example, or to distribute it more eavenly. With Needle, you no longer have to change the lens manually, so that the system always remains safe and protected from dust and dirt.

Besides that, the machine will give you instant feedback about the speed of cleaning and about safety, through the integrated screen on the handset. With the red button you can directly activate or deactivate the laser for more safety. Finally, you can perform basic configurations via the buttons on the control panel at the bottom, so that you don't always have to run back to the main unit.

Netalux NX1 handset
Netalux NX1 Needle lifting eyes

Lifting eyes

Regularly the cleaning needs to be done at height. Despite the limited weight of the machine, it can be useful to hoist it. Therefore we built in two strong lifting eyes on both sides of the machine. Maybe you work with rope access? Then you'll be happy with this feature!

Robust, multi-functional and reliable. Needle has what it takes for you to be productive. The machine is compact and has multiple handles, so that you can even work in hard to reach places.

Easy to configure

We made sure that you can program the machine without the need for an extra laptop or tablet. The built-in configuration panel is reinforced with hardened glass, and includes a touch-screen. Simple adjustments can be made on the handset itself, so that you don't always have to run back to the main unit. Time is money!

Netalux NX1 Needle laser cleaning machine

Netalux machines in operation

Needle in operation - turbine blades
Needle in operation


For your automated cleaning processes...

Needle® can also be built into your production line to enable automatic cleaning.

Contact us for more information about the stationary version via info@netalux.com.



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