Netalux Academy

Since her creation, Netalux has built up a lot of experience and knowledge regarding laser cleaning. We now wish to share this information with other companies and interested parties!

We hereby want to make this human and environmentally friendly technology available for as many industrial companies as possible.

The trainings will take place in our offices in Diest, Belgium, and will consist of a theoretical and a practical part, so that you get the whole picture. We have a practical training room where you will try out our different types of laser cleaning machines.

We will cover a broad arrange of subjects that are of importance to better understand the technology and to implement it in a more efficient way. Thus, we go much further than a simple 'manual-introduction'! Our teachers will gladly share their practical knowledge they gained in the field with you!

The training can be adapted according to your needs and wishes, or based on the knowledge that you already have. Furthermore, all of our trainings will be given in the mother language of the group, making sure that customers from all over the world can follow a training at our Netalux Academy. After completion of the programme, every participant will receive a certificate.

With great pride we can say that our first training has been successful, with compliments of the customer and an order for a following training!

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Theoretical training

In the theoretical training we will cover some basic principles:

What is a laser exactly?

How does laser cleaning work?

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Practical training

In the practical training the participants will laser with out laser cleaning machines under supervision of one of our experienced operators. That way they will immediately learn some new techniques and they will get used to the process of laser cleaning.