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The idea to start a company in laser cleaning arose in 2016, when co-founder Pieter Cretskens wanted to apply laser cleaning in his job at the time in the nuclear sector, but realised that there existed no service providing companing that could help him do this. He saw a big opportunity, and together with Emmanuel Flaam, an experienced marketeer and business strategist, they decided to go for it and they established Netalux on January 4, 2017. The first two years, Pieter and Emmanuel did everything themselves, they went to as many companies as possible to introduce them to laser cleaning. This was not an easy task, since laser cleaning wasn't very known at the time, and because they themselves still had to discover a lot about the technology. But they learned by working with the machine every day, and Pieter and Emmanuel kept on gathering knowledge about laser cleaning and the possibilities of this technology. Because they only offered laser cleaning as a cleaning technique, they were able to specialise in this technology.

Since 2019 Netalux has grown fast: the first employee was hired, and other employees soon followed. Netalux became a team of young, driven people who want to build a successful company together! In 2019 the decision was made to expand the company with two other branches besides Services, namely Products and the Netalux Academy. The fact that we combine these three departments enables us to offer the customer a complete package deal. Any customer can rely on us for a short assignment with laser cleaning, as well as for a laser cleaning machine or a training in laser cleaning. Netalux has the ambition to become the international leading company in laser cleaning!


As mentioned above, our goal is to become THE knowledge centre internationally for laser cleaning. We want to make laser cleaning available for as many sectors as possible, as it is a fantastic technology with countless possibilities and advantages. By concentrating our company on the above three departments, we are convinced that we can help a wide variety of companies. There is something for everyone, we adapt to your needs!

Furthermore, an important goal for us is and remains quality. We not only want to make the technology available, we want to make the best technology available. Therefore, we too continuously keep learning and researching new areas in cooperation with leading institutions and universities, so that we can help you the best way we can!

Company Culture

Netalux' team now consists of 10 people. Founders Emmanuel and Pieter therefore find it very important that everyone feels at home at work, that everyone can work with passion and conviction, and that we form a well functioning team. Moreover, they are convinced they have the unique opportunity to make a difference with this company. Acknowledging that a company is first and foremost a group of people working together, we at Netalux choose passion, empathy and most importantly respect as our beating heart. Towards our customers, but towards our colleagues as well. It’s more than a good punch line, it’s part of our culture. 

"We started with a white canvas, and that creates possibilities." - Emmanuel Flaam, managing partner`

It’s a never-ending process that demands the necessary care and attention. To avoid falling back into old habits, everybody needs to show a great amount of discipline and willpower to change. Take some time off to exercise, organise a meeting while walking or on a bike, or discuss a new strategy over a game of pool. 

“Everyone is unique. At Netalux we want become a harmonious group by giving everyone the space to further develop themselves, each in their own way"  - Pieter Cretskens, managing partner

It certainly is a philosophy which is good for our customers as well. Our people are enhousiastic and driven, and it’s thanks to this mindset that we can keep offering you the best service over and over again!

Vision of the future

What shall the future bring for Netalux? Unfortunately we can't tell our fortune, but we are convinced that our top team will bring Netalux to great heights! We are not only participating, we are participating to win! Quality and working together with the customer are always key to us.