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Surface treatment using pure light!

Forget secondary waste or damage to the substrate!

Netalux is the number 1 service company in laser cleaning, delivering results to our clients. Thanks to our company, you can implement this wonderful technology in your company and enjoy the many advantages. It enables you to reduce the waste drastically, and avoid any damage to your valuable substrates.  Our clients are active in a wide diversity of industries, from nuclear decontamination over aerospace and pharmaceuticals. Contact us! We'll be happy to tell you all about it and find out what it means for your company.


The entire product life cycle

New built

Our lasers can be used to remove contaminants, but they also offer many possibilites in the production process, e.g. as a surface preparation technique for next steps in the process, cleaning before NDT or glueing of materials.


The recurrent cleaning of components are another activity of Netalux. We offer on site as well as off site services, cleaning your components with much care and expertise in laser cleaning. Thanks to laser technology, we're able to clean surfaces without adding any secondary waste like chemicals, sand, or others making it a human- and environmentally friendly technique. 


Removing many kinds of contaminants like coating, grease, rust, weld cleaning, etc. Contact us to evluate you're case and the possibilities! 


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Netalux in the press

National newspapers De Tijd and L'Echo interviewed the founders of Netalux recently and published the article on friday the 30th of november 2018. Other national papers shared their interest and wrote about Netalux as well. The company's story, the industries we work in and the technology we use have triggered their curiosity and with them a lot of people.  We're grateful to our customers...

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Visit us at WNE 2018

Netalux is presenting its services and the technology we use at the World Nuclear Exhibition later this month. Together with P-laser, we are proud to present our laser cleaning technology to the world of nuclear power generation.  As laser cleaning eliminates secondary waste completely, we are able to reduce the waste production in decontamination drastically. Netalux is the number one...

They're convinced!

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Don't be surprised. Be curious!

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