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Surface treatment using pure light

Your reliable partner in laser cleaning

The name Netalux comprises the word Neta, which is Esperanto for 'clean, precise', and Lux, which is Latin for 'light'. And that is exactly what we do: we clean surfaces with light. We are both leader in the market of laser cleaning services, and producer of our own award-winning laser cleaning equipment. Moreover, we train your operators in our Netalux Academy so that they can use the technology in a safe and efficient way from the start. Since we seamlessly combine the above departments, we are the best possible partner for you in laser cleaning.

Unique hybrid model


Netalux was originally founded as a service company, a contractor using nothing but laser cleaning technology to clean all kinds of surfaces for a variety of industries. This is why we got to built a thorough knowledge about the technology, and why we understand like no other what laser cleaning can and can't do. Our Services branch is the basis of our hybrid model, and gives input for the Products and Academy departments.

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Since 2019, Netalux has converted the knowledge and experience we have gained as a service provider, into the development of our own award-winning laser cleaning machines. These next generation machines are built for users, by users. We ourselves know very well what it is like to laser for longer periods of time. The fact that our machines are made by professionals with both theoretical and practical knowledge, makes them unique in the market.

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Laser cleaning is a wonderful technology, but it is not always easy to implement it. That's why Netalux offers training in her Academy, both theoretical and practical, so that you can learn more about the technology and the do's and don'ts, making sure you're ready to use the technology in a safe and efficient way. By doing this, we want to pass on our knowledge about laser cleaning, and make the technology available for as many companies as possible!

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What do our customers say about us?

We were looking for quite a while for the right technology for the revision of our presses. In our search, we found Netalux. The result and time in which the cleaning was done exceeded our expectations. Soudal has now found the right partner for the revision of our presses.
Nic Sterckx – Lead Maintenance Engineer, Soudal Belgium NV

Just like the last job on our site, it was a good collaboration with Netalux, clear agreements, and a flexible and top team! Thank you for the timely completion of the project. 
Gunter Leenknecht - Dow Benelux BV

Everything was arranged in mutual agreement and within the set time frames. The end evaluations were good each time, and the pace is picking up because of the experience of the employees. The interaction with the Netalux employees is very pleasant. 
Ronald Veerman - Mol Sloopwerken

Agreements made with Netalux were followed up as discussed. They were on site at the agreed time, and executed the laser cleaning job within the agreed time frame. After the laser cleaning, the contamination was completely gone. 
Helgi Meynants - Process Engineer, Janssen Pharmaceutica

Nice company to work with, from the planning phase until the completion of the project. Very satisfied with the delivered quality. 
Michel Seghers - Maintenance Activity Coördinator, Dow Benelux BV


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Needle® now available to rent

Netalux is proud to announce that Needle® 100 can now also be rented for the duration of your project. You will receive a one-day training course on laser cleaning and the machine, after which you can get to work yourself. Renting other higher power machines is also possible on request. With this, Netalux offers a unique service, through which we can give our customers maximum flexibility....

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Our Needle® is going places: Brightnano in the Netherlands

The Dutch company Brightnano will also start working with our Needle®, after extensive training through our Netalux Academy. Brightnano chose Netalux because of the user-friendliness and multi-deployability of our machines. And this is how laser cleaning is becoming more and more commonly used! Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more information about the many possibilities of the...

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Netalux celebrates during the Red Dot Design week

Normally we would have celebrated our Red Dot Award in Germany, but unfortunately those plans changed due to Covid-19. However, we didn't hesitate to celebrate our Red Dot award with the team! We are extremely proud of this prestigious award for our first laser cleaning machine Needle®. A big thank you to our top team, your dedication and passion is inspiring! Let's continue to make more...

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent euismod quis ipsum vel sodales. Maecenas bibendum tellus in aliquet molestie. Integer augue massa, feugiat ac quam sed, iaculis accumsan justo.