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Welcome to Netalux!

We are both leader in the market of laser cleaning services, and producer of our own award-winning laser cleaning equipment. Moreover, we train your operators in our Netalux Academy so that they can use the technology in a safe and efficient way from the start.


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Our products are available as mobile, handheld equipment as well as stationary equipment that can be integrated in your automated installation.

Ranging from 50 Watt to 1000 Watt, with both Gaussian and Top Hat laser profiles, our products can cover the most diverse applications. 


We feel it's our responsibility to offer you all the possible information about laser cleaning technology in order for you to be able to implement it successfully in your company. That's why we founded the Netalux Academy, where you can deepen your knowledge on the advantages, the do's and don'ts, health & safety, etc. 


Although Netalux is a leading laser cleaning manufacturer, it was originally founded as a contracting company offering laser cleaning services. We still do, making us absolutely one of a kind in our industry. Netalux has first hand experience with laser cleaning technology and is leading the way for others to adopt this human and environmentally friendly technology. 

5 reasons to start using laser cleaning

1. Clean, non hazardous technique
2. Simple process, no air movement 
3. Less preparation 
4. Easy to clean corners, curves, angles, ...
5. Perfectly clean without damage

Laser cleaning vs others

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How does laser cleaning work?

Which materials can be cleaned with a laser?

Which substances can be removed with laser cleaning?

Does laser cleaning damage the substrate?

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